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ACMR Announces Fall Relocation in Southwest Atlanta

The Atlanta Center for Medical Research (ACMR), a national leader in research studies since 1980, recently announced that it will be moving from its current location in Midtown, Atlanta to a newly renovated, state-of-the-art facility in Southwest, Atlanta located at 501 Fairburn Road, SW.

The upgraded facility, which will go by the name of its anchor tenant, Atlanta Center for Medical Research, is being developed by Arberg Properties and will open in October 2014. The Center, which is projected as a $25 million project, will be open-sourced, allowing other leaders in the field to conduct research on site.

“This research center is a game changer and the first of its kind. The concept is novel and will help assure faster, more accurate data to get good medications and devices to the market sooner,” says Eric J. Riesenberg, Director of Operations at ACMR.

With more than 30 years of experience, ACMR will continue to conduct both outpatient and inpatient clinical trials in Phase I, first-in-humans, through Phase IV of industry-sponsored pharmaceutical trials at the Center.

Arberg Properties completely renovated and redesigned the former Southwest Atlanta Hospital building specifically for the needs of ACMR participants, sponsors, and staff. Boasting 150,000 square feet of space designed and dedicated to conducting research studies, the Center promises to be the new crown jewel of Atlanta’s medical research industry.

The medical capability of the original hospital building structure offers great potential for internal renovations customized to fit the center’s specific needs. “While most medical research facilities function on a linear layout, and are forced to outsource important functions like record-keeping, pharmaceutical compounding, and laboratory processing, the new ACMR location will function as a hub, with each department, participant area, and procedural space positioned in a very intentional way, and all supporting departments kept in-house,” says Mr. Riesenberg.

The Center also aims to be a driving force in the revitalization of the Southwest, Atlanta neighborhood surrounding the new facility. Arberg Properties and ACMR anticipate that the center will create an estimated 300 jobs by 2015, and see their new community as a great source for filling these new jobs.

To celebrate the new Center, ACMR plans to hold a public open house event in October. Community members will be invited to tour the new facilities, meet the physicians and staff, and learn more about the conditions researched at the Center. More information about the opening event will be announced soon. Individuals with questions about the new facility, the open house event, or ACMR services should call (404) 881-5800

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