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Atlanta Business Chronicle Quotes ACMR’s Dr. Robert Riesenberg

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Atlanta Center for Medical Research Founder and Principal Investigator Dr. Robert Riesenberg was quoted by the Atlanta Business Chronicle in its Oct. 14 issue in a story about postpartum depression (PPD). The article appeared in a quarterly healthcare special section that focused on Women’s Health.

Under the headline “Therapy, meds provide relief from postpartum depression,” the article discussed the facts and treatment options for PPD and included ACMR’s involvement in furthering research on the topic. After explaining what PPD entails and its effects on mothers, the article discussed treatment options, including therapy and medications.

A new drug, SAGE-547, has shown promising signs of vastly improving the mental state of mothers dealing with severe postpartum depression. The article noted that ACMR was one of the first sites where clinical trials for SAGE-547 took place. Dr. Riesenberg, who earned his medical degree in psychiatry, has been investigating medications for more than 40 years.

To read the full article, please check the Oct. 14 issue of the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

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