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ACMR and 4Front Healthcare of Atlanta Host Caregivers Appreciation Night

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On March 29, ACMR partnered with 4Front Healthcare to host a Caregivers Appreciation Night. The event was held at ACMR. It focused on connecting almost 50 caregivers, showing appreciation for them, and providing those who attended with dinner, entertainment, and dessert.

The night began with 4front Healthcare of Atlanta reminding caregivers to take time for themselves. “As a caregiver, it can be easy to forget about yourself,” said Natasha Martinez from 4Front Healthcare. She discussed the importance of self-care, especially for caregivers.

Joanne Resilard, also from 4Front, spoke about ways caregivers could take time for themselves. She made suggestions such as going for a walk, reading a book, getting together with a friend, and many others. She instructed the caregivers to, “Take a break, it doesn’t have to be long, but remember that you deserve it.”

The evening continued with three caregivers providing powerful testimonials. These caregivers shared their stories, their triumphs, and their struggles. They were able to connect with those around them and realize that they were not alone. Afterwards, Dr. Sutton of ACMR spoke.

“Caregivers understand the power of touch, the power of a smile, the power of a listening ear, the power of a kind word, and the power of a hand to hold,” began Dr. Sutton. She recognized their dedication, time, patience, and love that they provide. She continued by saying, “A thousand words would be insufficient to really express how thankful and how much you do day in and day out.”

The night concluded with line dancing outside as refreshments, coffee, and desserts were offered to all the caregivers. ACMR is proud to have hosted such an event for those who work so hard to provide the best care to their patients and loved ones.

4Front Healthcare of Atlanta seeks to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families dealing with life-limiting illness and to assist bereaved family members by providing comprehensive, coordinated care and support.

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