Atlanta Center for Medical Research

ACMR Profiled for AJC Feature Story

The Atlanta Center for Medical Research was recently the subject of a feature business story appearing in the Sunday, December 21, issue of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The story, entitled “Life Sciences Industry Growing Georgia Roots,” identifies ACMR as an industry leader in Georgia’s rapidly growing life sciences business sector. Amanda Shailendra, Director of Life Sciences and Corporate Solutions for the Georgia Department of Economic Development, and Russell Allen, President & CEO of Georgia Bio, each remarked on the positive economic and industry impact that ACMR and its new research center have had on developing Georgia’s bioscience sector.

ACMR Director of Operations, Eric Riesenberg, was also interviewed for the story. Photos of Riesenberg and ACMR staff members Drs. Hagar Badawy, Mahendra Dave, and David Wyatt taken at ACMR’s new Southwest Atlanta headquarters accompany the story.

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