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ACMR Honored with Helping Hands Award

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Fulton Country Division of Family and Children Services honored the Atlanta Center for Medical Research with their annual Helping Hands Award on Tuesday, May 16, 2017.

This award recognizes an organization that plays an exemplary role in the quest to improve the quality of life in their surrounding community. The purpose of this award is to encourage organizations to organize, conduct, and evaluate projects or activities that benefit their community. These projects or activities could include mentoring school children, helping the disabled, providing food or clothing to those in need, or providing other services.

ACMR’s Janine Stock, Business Operations Manager, and Dmitri Iskhakov, Intake Supervisor, received the award. ACMR is a committed sponsor of DFCS Back to School Community Health Fair, in addition to providing families with their Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. The ACMR family will continue to create a meaningful contribution towards the improvement of our community.

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