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Sleep Insomnia is defined by the National Sleep Foundation as a “difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, even when a person has the chance to do so”. Insomniacs often find it difficult to sleep, even in the absence of environmental or lifestyle factors that would promote sleeplessness.

You may be suffering from insomnia if you have experienced:

  • At least three episodes of sleeplessness a week spanning for at least a month
  • Fatigue or other impairment in daytime functioning corresponding with a lack of sleep
  • Unrefreshing (or ‘non-restorative’) sleep
  • Excessive unwarranted irritability, impulsiveness or aggression

Insomnia can often feel frustrating and exhausting, but can be successfully managed with proper treatment. A recent study in insomnia has shown that the neurological pathways in the brains of insomniacs are more susceptible to change than their unaffected counterparts, a breakthrough which shows promise in the treatment of insomnia to come.

The Atlanta Center for Medical Research was founded in 1982 by Dr. Robert A. Riesenberg and is now one of the largest and most respected medical research institutions in the country. ACMR’s 150,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art, open-source research facility is a game changer for the medical research world. ACMR’s practices set the standard for medical research, facilitating the availability of safe and effective medicine to people everywhere.

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