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Also known as hallux valgus, bunions are a progressive disorder that causes the big toe to lean toward the second toe. Eventually, it causes a disfigurement on the foot making it painful to wear shoes and walk. Causes for forming bunions include genetics, suffering from an inflammation condition, and wearing shoes that force the toes in unnatural positions. There are both non-surgical options (changes in footwear, wearing “bunion-shield” pads and shoe inserts, icing the foot, and medications) and surgical options for treatment for them.

Symptoms for a feet with bunions include:

  • A visible bump on the side of a foot near the toes
  • Pain and soreness
  • Redness and inflammation
  • Hardened skin on the bottom of the foot
  • A callus or corn on the bump
  • Difficulty walking and other activities due to foot discomfort

A bunionectomy is a type of surgery to remove a bunion and correct the deformity on the foot. The procedure is also referred to as a bunion removal and is necessary if non-surgical options do not help the pain caused by it. The amount of pain endured after a bunionectomy varies per person and often pain medication is prescribed for your post-operative care. Medical researchers are looking for better alternatives for this type of medication. If you need a bunion surgically removed, contact us about your bunionectomy and consider a clinical trial to help advance the search for better pain management for your recovery.

The Atlanta Center for Medical Research was founded in 1982 by Dr. Robert A. Riesenberg and is now one of the largest and most respected medical research institutions in the country. ACMR’s 150,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art, open-source research facility is a game changer for the medical research world. ACMR’s practices set the standard for medical research, facilitating the availability of safe and effective medicine to people everywhere.

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