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Living with Arthritis: Tips for Managing

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For the 54 million people currently living with arthritis, there are a lot of questions that come with this chronic disease. How much will my day to day be affected? Can I live a normal, healthy life? What will my pain be like?

Living with a chronic disease that causes daily pain isn’t easy. However, there are many things you can do to make things easier for you to live as normal and as healthy of a life as possible. We’re discussing tips for managing living with arthritis below.

Exercise and Manage Your Weight

Being overweight is a problem for those with arthritis. This is because the extra weight adds more stress and pain to joints, like your hips and knees, because they have to carry more. Even losing just 10 to 15 pounds if you are overweight makes a tremendous difference in mobility and pain levels.

The best way to keep yourself at a healthy weight is to eat right and exercise regularly. Avoid processed foods and eat more natural vegetables, fruits, and proteins. Find your favorite way to stay active and stick to it. Go outside every day for a short, simple walk. Hit the gym and participate in your favorite classes or lift your favorite weights.

Doing these things not only helps to manage your weight, but it also helps to boost your overall health and mood, benefiting your life with arthritis.

Design your Life to Make it Easier

There are countless tips and tricks for those with arthritis that makes living easier. For example, purchase equipment that makes simple tasks much less effort for you, such as electric can openers or automatic toilet bowl cleaners. Keep your house organized in a way that is helpful to you, such as storing things you use every day within reach or having multiple common everyday items around your house so you are replenishing less often, like toilet paper.

The best way to learn about the countless tips for making living with arthritis easier is to do your own research. You and your doctor will know your body best and can decipher what will work best for you.

Build a Relationship with your Doctor

Having a great relationship with your doctor helps with managing arthritis. You need someone to turn to for regular check-ups, times when your joint pain is really bad, and treatment plans that work best for you. A talented and trusted physician will always keep your best interest at heart and will be able to be with you every step of the way with your arthritis.

Look Inward

Stress, depression, and chronic disease often go hand-in-hand. That’s why it’s vital to manage mental health on top of physical health when it comes to arthritis. Some of the best strategies to do that are as follows:

  • Find ways to reduce your stress. Whether that’s doing yoga, taking long baths, or reading a book, do it!
  • Continue to explore and learn. Keep up with new management ideas for arthritis, find new hobbies you love to boost your mental health, and keep building your mental skills.
  • Communicate with your loved ones about how you’re feeling. They will know how to help you during your worst days and encourage you during your best.
  • Don’t give up your favorite things just because of arthritis. Keep going to work, keep up your favorite hobbies, and spend time with your loved ones. You can continue to do so by finding habits that make it easier for you and your body.

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