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Patient Safety and Quality of Clinical Research

The Atlanta Center for Medical Research (ACMR) maintains the highest standards of patient safety in clinical trials.

We strictly adhere to Good Clinical Practice (GCP). The FDA regulates scientific studies that are designed to develop evidence to support the safety and effectiveness of investigational drugs, including vaccines. Physicians (Principal Investigators) and other qualified experts who conduct these studies must comply with applicable regulations. These regulations ensure the integrity of clinical data and help protect the rights, safety, and welfare of clinical research study participants.

All our studies are reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB). An IRB is a group that has been formally designated to review and monitor clinical research studies. An IRB review and approval serves an important role in the protection of the rights and welfare of study participants.

Principal Investigators are required to assure the safety of study participants by following GCP, obtaining IRB approval with periodic review, and strictly observing their obligations, including directly supervising the study. Our Principal Investigators are responsible to monitor and report adverse experiences that occur in study participants.

Our long history of conducting clinical studies and assuring the safety of study participants has been and remains the foremost objective at ACMR. For further information, please see

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November 16th, 2020 – Update on COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”)

To: Our Sponsors, CROs, Patients, and Employees:

The top priorities of the Atlanta Center for Medical Research (ACMR) are the safety and health of our patients and employees. We provide the highest quality of clinical research as a CenExel Center of Excellence. CenExel has established and mains and COVID-19 Task Force with representatives from ACMR. The Task Force is charged with continuous monitoring of the evolving situation and providing guidance and communication to our patients and employees to ensure their safety.

Our clinical operations continue as this time, and we have implemented the following additional safety measures:

  • We enhanced screening of everyone entering our facility before they are admitted into our offices or clinic areas.
  • We reinforced internal communication regarding the COVID-19 situation, CDC and SHRM recommendations, digital team meetings, and the importance of using sick leave for anyone who has signs, symptoms, or recent exposure to someone with suspected or diagnosed COVID-19.
  • We provided additional cleaning and disinfecting materials through our clinic and office areas.
  • Managers and leaders have cross-trained employees and prepared for contingency plans if key staff need to stay home.
  • We established a 14-day, self-quarantine rule for any staff returning from a country with a Level 3 Travel Health Notice from the CDC.

We will continue to monitor the current situation, coordinate with the proper authorities, and update our policies and procedures as needed to ensure the safety of our patients and employees.

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