Atlanta Center for Medical Research

The Atlanta Center for Medical Research employs over 100 research specialists including MDs, nurses, pharmacists, patient care technicians (PCTs), certified clinical research coordinators, certified efficacy raters, laboratory technicians, biomedical technicians, and research assistants. ACMR’s regulatory specialist handles the complex regulatory process from study submission, to study maintenance, and through study close out. The organization’s in-house recruiters, marketing team, transportation department, and administrative support staff excel at fulfilling sponsors’ participant recruitment needs.

ACMR’s in-house training is the best in the business, and its employees are highly sought after in the industry. All ACMR staff members are dedicated to caring for participants, serving the research needs of sponsors, and seeking the truth to bring better medicines safely to the market.

Staff Listing

Chief Executive Officer

Principal Investigators

Robert G. Dillon, M.D.


David W. Termotto, M.D.

Clinical Operations Manager


Director of Quality

Quality Assurance Manager

Business Operations Manager

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