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CenExel Clinical Research Establishes Clinical Trial Centers of Excellence Company

CenExel Clinical Research, Inc., ("CenExel" or the "Company") announces the creation of their Centers of Excellence company, which unites four of the most experienced clinical research units in the country to design and execute Phase I-IV trials, including Phase I studies in patient populations, to help pharmaceutical companies improve the time and cost of new therapy development for better patient care.

CenExel operates state-of-the-art facilities in Utah, California, Georgia and Maryland, with some of the most accomplished Clinical Opinion Leaders and experienced staff in the world for conducting clinical trials.

The CenExel Centers of Excellence include JBR Clinical Research, Atlanta Center for Medical Research (ACMR), Anaheim Clinical Trials (ACT), and CBH Health, each recognized as one of the most experienced and trusted research facilities in their respective fields: post-operative pain, central nervous system (CNS) disorders, chronic disease management, Asian pharmacokinetic bridging studies, psychiatric illnesses, and others.

CenExel Centers of Excellence offer pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations access to some of the finest investigators and facilities in the world for conducting research, said Tom Wardle, CEO. We are focused on delivering the highest possible quality through our combined expertise, the engagement of our investigators and staff, and most importantly, our results.

Their renowned principal investigators include Todd Bertoch, MD, Robert A. Reisenberg, MD, Peter Winkle, MD, and Robert E. Litman, MD. Dr. Bertoch also chairs the CenExel Scientific Advisory Board with noted analgesia research experts Stephen Cooper, DMD, PhD, and Paul Desjardins, DMD, PhD.

Kevin Quinn, VP of Business Development and Integration, said, The level of engagement among staff and patients is a key differentiator with our Centers of Excellence. This commitment has enabled our Centers to routinely meet or exceed patient recruitment goals in hundreds of clinical trials, so we are able to complete studies on-time and within budget.

CenExel Clinical Research, Inc., was formed in 2018 with the merger of JBR Clinical Research, a Salt Lake City facility specializing in analgesia research and vaccine testing, with ACMR, an Atlanta-based psychiatric research facility. Since its formation, CenExel has aggressively pursued organic growth as well as the acquisition of other state-of-the-art research centers around the country, assisted by Edgemont Partners.

The mission of CenExel is to work with trial sponsors and contract research organizations to reduce costs and development times for innovative therapies which may advance patient care.

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About CenExel Clinical Research

CenExel Clinical Research provides unparalleled medical and scientific support in the design and execution of clinical trials. The attention to detail assures quality, reliable results and has helped CenExel to consistently achieve and exceed patient recruitment goals. CenExel Centers of Excellence have conducted thousands of studies, the variety and complexity of which have resulted in depth of experience, insight and tenure of the principal investigators and research staff in each facility. The CenExel Centers of Excellence deliver the expertise, engagement, and results to ensure that their clients achieve their clinical research goals. For additional information about CenExel Clinical Research, please visit

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