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ACMR Team Members Carol Hannasch and Jared Trust Appear on "The Weekly Check-Up"

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Atlanta Center for Medical Research team members Carol Hannasch and Jared Trust appeared on “The Weekly Check-Up” on News/Talk WSB Radio on Sunday, October 6th. The radio show addresses a wide range of topics about health. The weekly radio show includes in-studio interviews and caller questions fielded by featured guests and the show’s host.

The host Dr. Bruce Feinberg opened the show with a brief history on medical research. He emphasized its importance of volunteer participation and the advancements that clinical research has contributed to modern medicine. Both Hannasch and Trust agreed that volunteers are part of the process of improving modern medical care. They explained that participation in a clinical trial can provide treatment options not available to the public, access to top notch healthcare for your condition, does not require insurance, and often has financial compensation for participation.

As the Marketing and Call Center Supervisor, Trust spoke of the many way that ACMR seeks participants including advertising specific conditions being researched, physician referrals, and spreading awareness of ACMR as medical research facility. His team manages the calls to the center for trial participation and shared how ACMR is able to funnel potential participants into existing or future trials at the center.

Hannasch shared her experiences as a project manager at ACMR. Once volunteers have been selected, she and her team work to manage timelines, budgets, planning, and recording data for each trial. As an industry leader, the ACMR team produces reliable and accurate data to the pharma company testing the medicine.

The ACMR team encouraged listeners to visit ACMR’s website at or to call in for more information on current clinical trials at 404-881-5800. On the website, you can read about all of the conditions with ongoing trials.

Listen to the full show here.

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