Atlanta Center for Medical Research

Thank you for your interest in joining our team!

At the Atlanta Center for Medical Research, we are always looking for dedicated professionals to join our fast-paced research facility.

As a national leader in research studies since 1982, ACMR specializes in researching psychiatric illness medication for various major medicine companies. Our mission is simple — to provide professional, conscientious research services that are pivotal in the advancement of medication of illnesses of the central nervous system.

ACMR is looking for dedicated, talented, driven professionals to help us advance our commitment to medical research, thereby benefiting the development of safe and effective drug therapies for everyone.

Ideal candidates will be quick learners with a strong attention to detail and who must be willing to adhere to the 7 guiding principles of our company.

  • Service Excellence: We believe all relationships with co-workers, sponsors, and subjects are partnerships. We demonstrate service excellence through a personal commitment to producing high quality, high value work, and delivering on time and on target results for every partner.
  • Safety: We believe that physical and psychological safety are foundational for a healthy organization. We proactively identify and mitigate safety risks as part of our daily work and value those who speak up for safety.
  • Resilience: We believe resilience is critical for doing our best work. We demonstrate resilience by remaining flexible, adapting to sudden change, and bouncing back from difficult situations with grace and confidence.
  • Team Orientation: We believe that having a team orientation leads to individual and organizational success. We demonstrate team orientation by working collaboratively and leveraging collective knowledge, ideas, and strengths to achieve a common goal.
  • Ethical Behavior: We believe the pillars of ethical behavior are integrity, honesty, respect, courtesy, and caring. We demonstrate ethical behavior by modeling professional standards of conduct.
  • Mutual Respect: We believe that mutual respect cultivates a supportive workplace. We demonstrate mutual respect by embracing diverse perspectives, sharing ideas, and trusting in each other’s’ abilities.
  • Open Communication: We believe that open communication results in a rich and rewarding dialogue that allows for the flow of energy and creativity. We demonstrate open communication by listening for understanding, speaking up without fear, freely sharing experiences, and soliciting ideas and opinions from others.

Please feel free to email us your resume directly to, if you don’t see the position you are interested in listed below.

If you are applying to an open position, we highly recommend that you apply directly from our website.

Phone calls are not accepted.

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