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The Atlanta Center for Medical Research conducts medical research from phase 0/1 first-in-human trials through phase 4 trials of both medical and behavioral treatments. ACMR provides full service medical research, from top-ranked participant recruitment through ultra-secure biorepository storage and medical record keeping, and everything in between. Sponsors can contract these services as a complete research package or choose from an array of services. Third-party research organizations and independent investigators can also choose from a wide range of available services offered at ACMR’s state-of-the-art open-source facility.

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In addition to serving as lead investigator of medical research studies, ACMR services include:

Study Design

ACMR has designed and conducted medical research studies for more than three decades. ACMR’s investigators and staff are the very best in the industry. Bring ACMR’s team in early to help design or refine your study. The longevity of ACMR’s experience has made the institution very good at spotting potential pitfalls and oversights in a study’s design before it begins. ACMR will help you get the study design right from the start to save time and money.

Participant Recruitment

ACMR’s participant recruitment program is one of the most successful in the nation. ACMR’s in-house recruiters and marketing team will fulfill your study’s participant needs using:

  • An enormous research participant database
  • An extensive physician referral network
  • Print, radio, and television advertising
  • Community education seminars

Participant Retention

ACMR has consistently high participant retention rates. This is largely the result of the organization’s experienced staff’s dedication with providing the highest quality participant safety in comfortable surroundings. ACMR also keeps participant retention high with:

  • A 24-hour participant call center, staffed by a nurse or doctor who can answer participant questions.
  • A transportation department, which ensures participants make it to their scheduled appointments on-time.
  • Patient Care Technicians (PCTs), who create an enjoyable and inviting atmosphere.
  • Comfortable, private day visit rooms and overnight clinical observation units.
  • A state-of-the-art, gourmet-grade kitchen, staff nutritionist, and inviting cafeteria.

Participant Intake

ACMR handles participant pre-screening, screening, processing, and intake. The facility’s seven private screening rooms keep intake moving smoothly, avoiding long wait times for participants and thus increasing recruitment and retention rates.


An onsite laboratory performs hematology, urinalysis, drug screens, chemistry, cardiac work, and many other lab tests needed to conduct medical research.


A massive, onsite, 4,000-square-foot research pharmacy department includes a compounding area with a sterile environment and laminar flow, and an ISO-9000 certified clean room. ACMR’s research pharmacist compounds right across the hall from the infusion room, keeping to a bare minimum the time and travel between compounding and infusion.


The radiology department conducts and interprets X-rays, PET scans, CT scans, MRIs, DEXA scans, and more.

Biomedical Equipment Rental and Service

Anyone conducting a study in ACMR’s facility can rent biomedical equipment that is maintained by ACMR’s certified biomedical technicians. Investigators and sponsors bringing in their own equipment have access to ACMR’s biomedical tech services to sterilize, repair, and maintain their equipment.

Medical Device Testing

Because ACMR built its facility in a former hospital, there are fully authentic, completely functional operating rooms ready for the testing of medical devices. ACMR’s certified biomedical technician is available to maintain and repair all equipment.


ACMR knows how costly the loss or corruption of even a single sample can be. A massive biorepository is designed with multiple redundancies and security controls throughout. Like the rest of the facility, the biorepository has two redundant power supplies with two backup generators that can keep all temperature and other controls running for weeks without outside power.

Medical Record Systems

All of ACMR’s medical record keeping is carefully planned to adhere to FDA, GCP, ICH, and HIPAA requirements for privacy and to additional human subject protections. ACMR takes participant privacy very seriously. Layers of security are built into both digital and paper record systems to protect participants’ privacy and sponsors’ intellectual property.

ACMR’s paper medical record storage is protected by a pre-action dry pipe fire suppression system, which reduces the chance of fire or water damage dramatically more than gas systems. ACMR’s digital records infrastructure is protected by redundant server racks, locked down and hardened for security, with both onsite and offsite backups.


If you are staffing your own research team at ACMR’s facility, you can train them in ACMR’s training rooms, or let ACMR staff train them for you in the best practices of medical research. ACMR’s own staff members are highly sought after in the medical research industry, and ACMR’s training programs are a major factor in that. ACMR would love to share its expertise with your staff as well.

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