Atlanta Center for Medical Research

The Atlanta Center for Medical Research is a game changer for the medical research world. It is, by far, the largest independent medical research facility ever constructed. The ACMR facility is in a former hospital. The entire facility is devoted 100% to medical research. The pre-existing hospital infrastructure provides a perfect setting to facilitate medical research studies.

“If you could start from scratch, how would you do it? How would you design a medical research facility?”

Every detail of the facility was designed with medical research in mind. Colors throughout are neutral, with nothing that might unduly influence participant mood or energy. Lighting mimics natural sunlight, keeping a constant visual environment no matter the season or weather. Plantings are evergreen rather than blossoming, again to keep the visual environment constant, and the fountains in the facility’s courtyard provide constant background white noise. Music and television are broadcast internally from pre-recorded content that is carefully screened to filter out anything that might introduce confounding variables to a study.

“Everything in the facility is designed for medical research.”

Temperature and humidity are closely monitored and controlled with redundant systems and multiple backup generators throughout the facility, maintaining a consistent, comfortable environment for participants. This also prevents temperature and humidity fluctuations from adversely affecting medicines and samples.

The Atlanta Center for Medical Research went above and beyond designing the state-approved kitchen and dining space for the center. ACMR's cutting-edge kitchen was built from the ground up to provide endless healthy options to participants, staff, and guests. It also has the capability to provide custom tailored meals to a few participants or a few hundred. Overseen by a registered dietician to manage study dietary specifications, meals are prepared to fit each study's needs, allowing each aspect to be controlled and documented.

The 2,000 square foot dining area is available to both the ACMR staff, visiting research physicians, and research specialists, as well as monitors and other sponsor representatives while on site. With a variety of quick serve salad and sandwich options, as well as hot made-to-order menu choices, it is designed to have something for everyone. The contemporary finish of the kitchen and dining area reflects the same visual environment throughout the entire facility.

A crown jewel of the Atlanta research community, ACMR is too valuable a resource to the global research community to restrict it only to ACMR’s studies. ACMR has thus made it open-source, inviting other medical research organizations and independent investigators to conduct their research in this state-of-the-art facility.

“There’s more medical research to be done than we can handle alone. But we have a very large sandbox, and we’re inviting other investigators to join us. Medical research is good for the community. We’re making it easier, making it more available, so new medicines can make it to market faster and more ideas can be tested. It’s a game changer, and everybody wins.”

Investigators can choose from an array of services, from simply renting space and handling the rest themselves, to contracting with ACMR for staffing, training, participant recruitment, lab work, biorepository, biomedical equipment rental and maintenance, record keeping, and more.

This is a first-of-its-kind, game-changing model for a medical research facility. Individual investigators no longer need to rebuild from scratch all the staffing and infrastructure needed to conduct world-class medical research. ACMR has already put all that in place so that investigators can focus instead on studying the best new ideas with the help of ACMR’s open-source services.

ACMR has given it new life as a medical research facility more audacious in its ambitions than anyone in the industry has ever dared to dream. It’s going to change how medical research is done and help the industry bring more and better medicines expeditiously and safely to market.

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