Atlanta Center for Medical Research

The Atlanta Center for Medical Research went above and beyond when designing the state-approved kitchen and dining space for the center. ACMR's cutting-edge kitchen was built from the ground up to provide endless healthy options to participants, staff, and guests. It also has the capability to provide custom tailored meals to a few participants or a few hundred. Overseen by a registered dietician to manage study dietary specifications, meals are prepared to fit each study's needs, allowing each aspect to be controlled and documented.


The 2,000 square foot dining area is available to both the ACMR staff, visiting research physicians, and research specialists, as well as monitors and other sponsor representatives while on site. With a variety of quick serve salad and sandwich options, as well as hot made-to-order menu choices, it is designed to have something for everyone. The contemporary finish of the kitchen and dining area reflects the same visual environment throughout the entire facility.


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