Atlanta Center for Medical Research

For any medical research study that requires overnight accommodations, the Atlanta Center for Medical Research has 300 beds, all in private and semi-private rooms for participants in clinical trials, each with a private bathroom, comfortable furnishings, and entertainment and communications options. Common areas are bright, open, and well lit with daylight spectrum bulbs to maintain a consistent visual environment regardless of season or weather.

Nurse Station

Recreation areas offer games, music, television, and other diversions. Music and television are both internally broadcast from controlled programs that are screened to filter out any content that might impact the results of a study.

ACMR even designed specially approved smoking rooms outfitted with high efficiency smoke filters so that participants who smoke need not leave the study unit.

Overnight Clinical Observation Unit

A modular floor plan with access-controlled doors and buffer zones allows ACMR to keep participant populations in separate units for the safety of vulnerable participants and to avoid introducing confounding variables to studies.

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